For the Antigua Cruise Port Development Project Global Ports Holding has signed a 30-year lease to develop and operate the cruise complex which will bring significant benefits not only to the cruise sector but the overall economy of Antigua & Barbuda. 

The Government of Antigua & Barbuda will remain the owners of the Antigua Cruise Port Development. 

The Antigua Cruise Port Development includes: 


  • Pay back US$21million of the Antigua Pier Group’s debt issued for the construction of the Redcliffe Pier, which will create additional fiscal space
  • Completion of the New Pier for US$30million, capable of accommodating Oasis Class Vessels, the biggest ships in the industry with 6,500 passengers on board
  • Development and construction of brand-new retail and food and beverage facilities which will add over 50,000sq.ft. of additional commercial facilities to be leased to the locals
  • Provision of US$5million in funds to qualifying Antiguans with an ambition to start their own business or develop their small business which operates in the tourism industry
  • Uplift of the Heritage Mall Shopping Complex 

A Wave of Positive Change

YES Foundation will place a spotlight on these pivotal areas, to provide funding for various causes which cater to the needs of the country’s future generations.

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