benefıts of the project

The Antigua Cruise Port Development Project estimated to cost over US$80million will be second to none in the Eastern Caribbean. Global Ports Holding will be financing this ambitious project from its own resources, without using any guarantees or funds from the Antigua government. 

As part of the agreement, Global Ports Holding will:

  • Pay back US$21million of the Antigua Pier Group’s debt issued for the construction of the Redcliffe Pier, which will create additional fiscal space for the government to focus on other significant developments benefiting the country and its people
  • Take over the financial obligation of the government to complete the new pier capable to accommodate Oasis Class vessels, the largest in the industry, for US$30million, which will further create more fiscal space for the government
  • Invest in the uplifting of the existing Heritage Mall Shopping Complex
  • Invest US$25million in additional retail and food and beverage facilities for which priority will be given to local merchants and entrepreneurs to lease at market rates
  • Launch of the YES Foundation that will provide US$5million in the form of low/zero rate loans and grants to support local and young entrepreneurs working in tourism industry
  • GPH will NOT lay off anyone working exclusively at the Cruise Port
  • Pay the Government of Antigua & Barbuda rent starting from Year 1
  • Organize seminars and trainings, from our resources, bringing in industry stars to the island to support the young people and helping them to develop their ideas and professions
  • The Antigua & Barbuda Port Authority will continue to collect revenues from port related services including berthing and mooring
  • The Environmental Levy will continue to be collected by the Solid Waste Management Authority